Orbital Welding Scotland

Orbital Welding of Stainless Steel

Due to its corrosion and rust resistance, its ability to operate at pressures outside that of copper pipe and its obvious aesthetic values, stainless steel is a popular choice for laboratories across Scotland where high purity gases are often involved.

Although the idea of joining two metals together seems fairly simple, if completed incorrectly there can be serious consequences. Using the latest orbital welding technology, HPI can guarantee their work.

HPI have a team of experienced welders who can operate nationwide. Orbital Welding is a computer based approach to welding, and has a wide range of benefits when compared to manual welding, which we have outlined below:

Human error

 One of the biggest downfalls of manual welding is that it is prone to accidents and inconsistencies. Orbital welding can bypass these worries by relying on the accuracy and precision of the machines involved.

Rarity of skilled welders

 Highly skilled welders are the exception to the human error rule, and can often carry out the welding work to the same standard as a machine. However, highly skilled welders are hard to come by in this industry, and employing them can be far more expensive than using orbital welding equipment, especially if the workers require additional training courses. At HPI, for the client’s peace of mind, it is our skilled installation engineers who are trained to use, and who operate our orbital welder.


 Inconsistencies in welding can lead to issues that are hard to resolve, and taking advantage of machine precision can help avoid these issues.


 Even the most skilled of welders are limited in the time that they can complete their work. Orbital welding machinery can carry out work far quicker than manual techniques.


Workers can often be limited by the amount of work that they can carry out in certain environments, whilst this is not a problem for orbital machinery.

As we can see, there are many benefits associated with orbital welding, especially when compared to performing welding manually.

If you would like to enquire about our orbital welding and stainless steel services across Scotland, please contact us here.