Dental Vacuum System Maintenance

At HPI, we can help your dental vacuum system to continue to perform at its highest level, through our maintenance work. There are a number of benefits associated with keeping a well-maintained dental vacuum, which we have outlined below:


 Many dental vacuum systems are subject to ‘downtime’ where the system stops working for a period of time. This can negatively impact upon any practice that relies on one vacuum. Quite often, this is due to a build-up of waste in the system, which can be prevented with regular maintenance work.

Probably the biggest benefit associated with this regular maintenance work is increased reliability. This decreases ‘downtime’ and helps prevent plant from ultimately failing.

Improved hygiene

 Improperly maintained dental vacuums can become noisy and odorous. A proper maintenance program can ensure that the risk of this is minimised.

Improved efficiency

 Many dental practices have several dentists working at once with the same dental vacuum. This requires that the pump is at optimal operational capabilities at all times.

Extended life

 Replacing dental vacuums can be costly, and in many cases some simple maintenance work would have extended the life of the system.

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