Dental Compressor Maintenance

Maintaining the health of your dental compressor is key to ensuring that it continues to perform well throughout its lifespan. At HPI, we can provide planned preventative maintenance for all types of dental compressors, which can help to minimise running costs.

At HPI, we go through a series of steps to ensure that your compressor has been maintained to the highest standards. We have outlined the reasons why regular maintenance is important for your compressor:

Save costs

Compressors can become inefficient if not properly looked after, which can be expensive in the long run. Keeping a properly maintained dental compressor can ensure that it remains cost efficient.


Safety is paramount in the workplace, and a poorly maintained compressor could become a potential danger if it were to malfunction. Proper maintenance helps to ensure that it is safe for use.

Avoid breakdowns

A breakdown during a busy spell could mean sending patients home whilst waiting for the repair to take place. Maintaining your compressor can help to avoid any potential breakdowns.

Dental compressors are designed to provide years of service, and should rarely have to be replaced completely. However, this is only true if the compressor is properly maintained throughout its lifespan. Although it can be hard to identify when your compressor may need a maintenance checkup, often the best way to identify any problems is simply by looking and listening. If anything looks or sounds irregular, then work may be required.

At HPI, we can provide a complete maintenance service for your dental compressor to ensure that it continues to perform efficiently.

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